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        Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian technique that uses a water-soluble gel-like sugar paste to remove unwanted hair. The paste is made entirely from natural ingredients; just sugar, lemon, and water. It is applied to areas with unwanted hair in the opposite direction of hair growth, then removed in a quick motion called “flicking” that’s done in the same direction of hair growth. 


1/2 Arm $40.00    

1/2 Leg  $50.00 

Areola $25.00

Back $55.00

Bikini $35.00

Full Bikini  $50.00

Brazilian  $60.00

Brow $20.00

Butt cheeks  $35.00

Butt Strip $25.00

Cheek $23.00

Chest  $40.00

Chin  $17.00

Full Arms  $50.00

Full Face (with Brows) $65.00

Full Face (without Brows)  $50.00

Full Legs $70.00

Half Back   $40.00

Male Bikini $35.00

Full Male Bikini $55.00

Male Brazilian  $80.00

Shoulders  $30.00

Under Arms  $25.00

   V Facials   $70.00  

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