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        In the past, hormone therapy was limited in its treatment options and was used only to ease and treat menopausal symptoms. But now we know that hormone therapy can offer a whole host of benefits and preserve our long-term health.

Both men and women can benefit from hormone therapy. And at Infuse Wellness of Wilson we only offer the best treatment methods. Long gone are the days of creams, patches, and pills, as we prefer to use a natural alternative to synthetic hormones.

Who Is Hormone Therapy For?

Every patient has differing and unique needs, but in general hormone therapy can benefit both men and women. Do you recognize any of the following symptoms? You may be a good candidate for treatment!


  •  Inability to focus and remember things.

  •  Mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

  •  Stubborn belly fat, weight gain, bloating and food cravings.

  •  Muscle loss and weakness.

  •  Cold hands and feet.

  •  Saggy, dry, aging skin.

  •  Loss of libido, difficulty achieving arousal and orgasm. Infrequent menstrual cycles – or lack of menstrual cycle – prior to menopause.


  •  A decline in general well-being.

  •  Feeling burned out and past your prime.

  •  Loss of muscle strength.

  •  Muscle aches, joint pain and longer recovery time from injuries.

  •  Frequent illnesses.

  •  Excessive sweating.

  •  Loss of libido and inability to achieve or maintain an erection.  
    Fewer morning erections.  Hormone imbalance doesn’t always produce symptoms – but it may lead to serious health consequences.





What Can Hormone Therapy Do for You?





It's important to address your symptoms, but at Infuse Wellness of Wilson  we strive to tackle the big picture. Therefore, we work towards treating the underlying issues of all your health concerns.

Optimizing hormones is advantageous in treating and preventing various chronic diseases and health conditions in both men and women, such as:

Osteoporosis Alzheimer’s Disease Sexual Health Thyroid Disorders Diabetes

and more!

Restoring hormones to optimum levels can be the key to better health and improved quality of life.

Are you interested in uncovering the root cause of your health issues and getting your hormones in balance? Schedule your consultation with us today!

BHRT Labs:  $350.00

BHRT Pellet Insertion:  $625

TESTOSTERONE:  (Make Inquiry)


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