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What is a Micro-current?

A microcurrent facial is a cosmetic treatment where a person uses a special handheld device to deliver tiny currents of electricity to the face. These microcurrents stimulate the skin and muscles with the aim of improving a person’s appearance.

Microcurrent devices have two electrodes on one end, which deliver the current of electricity. This does not involve any surgery. A person remains awake throughout the treatment and can continue their usual activities immediately.

Microcurrent devices are available for use at home, or people can purchase treatments from a licensed professional.

How do microcurrent facials work? 

Microcurrent devices work by delivering an electrical current to muscles and skin cells. The idea behind this is that the electrical current will build up muscles in the face, lifting and tightening the skin.


Some companies also claim that microcurrent facials stimulate collagen production. At present, there are no studies that confirm this. However, anecdotal reports suggest that people can notice an immediate difference after sessions.

Single Service:  $100.00

Package of 10:  $900.00

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